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Magic Safe (Magic-Tresor) by Magiro

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This “locked block” is so cleverly gaffed that you’d never figure out how it works without knowing the secret. In fact, we’re aware of a few collectors who were unable to open it without the instructions It’s that clever. This effect was recently recreated here.

Effect: A ring is borrowed (or a coin is marked) and placed into a small leather pouch which is wrapped securely in a handkerchief. A wooden block is displayed all around and handed to the spectator to hold. The lid is clamped to the base with two long bolts that run from top to bottom, locked tightly with two wingnuts. There could even be two pins secured through holes in the tops of the bolts, which would make it impossible to loosen or tighten the wingnuts.

There seems no possible way that anything could get in or out of the block. The ring is found to have vanished. The spectator is told to loosen the wingnuts on the block and remove the lid. Inside is the small leather pouch which contains the borrowed ring!

You’ll love how this works. The load/setting of the block is extremely fast. The block can withstand thorough examination. There are no Lippincott type pivoting walls to discover! This works unlike any other similar apparatus.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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Approx. Price: $140.00 (2007) ***

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1 review for Magic Safe (Magic-Tresor) by Magiro

  1. Daniel D

    I was fortunate enough to acquire the latest version of this effect by Limited Edition Magic. Magiro created a fooler here. Both magicians and lay audiences are decimated. The load is very quick and everything is freely examined the end. There is no question that Joe Long and his team have good taste. This is the best Lippincott box of this size I have ever handled. All wood/brass, yet it retailed for less than a new Porper Strong Box.

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