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China Block Penetration (Chinawurfel Mysterium) by Thomas Pohle

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Effect: A decorated yellow block is displayed cleanly, all sides shown.  It can be banged on the table and even tossed in the air!  It’s completely solid except for a hole running through it from one side to the other. A thin walled cabinet consisting of only two sides and base, no front back or top, is also freely shown together with a small magic wand.

There are holes in the walls of the cabinet similar to the ones through the block. The wand is inserted through the holes so it now runs across the cabinet.

The block is placed (or dropped!) into the cabinet where it’s seen resting on the wand.  A spectator is asked to push on the block, but it doesn’t move as the solid wand is blocking it’s path.

The block is once again shown all around and then placed back on the wand.

This time the performer uses two fingers and slowly pushes the block through the wand to the bottom of the cabinet … visibly penetrating the wand!

The block may be slowly pulled back up through the wand … and then tossed freely again from hand to hand!  Try that with your Horus, Vampire or Brock’s Block!

For an alternate ending that I like, after the first penetration the entire cabinet is turned upside down. The block hanging at the top still locked in place by the wand which runs through both the block and cabinet. The performer now takes the block and pulls it down … through the wand and free of the cabinet!  The block is immediately shown all around once again with nothing to find.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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