Ju-Ju Stick by Frank Monaghan

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This used to be my favorite paddle trick and close-up effect in my teenage years and early twenties.  It is a great routine, with good magic and lots of fun moments in the routine.  One of the things I particularly like about the routine is the spectator gets to hold the paddle a lot, which along with the routine itself, takes heat off of the paddle and it seems even more magical.

Effect: This is the New “Paddle Trick” they are all talking about . . undoubtedly the best effect along these lines for a very long time. The routine is difficult to describe . . but here goes!

From a real box remove a small bag. From the bag you remove a paddle-shaped piece of wood. It has 3 White Spots on each side. From your pocket you take an imaginary box (naturally, it’s invisible) and place it on a spectator’s hand. You ask him to open the “box” and tell him that it is “full of black spots”. (They are just as invisible as box!) You pick up one of the “invisible black spots” and transfer it to the underside of the paddle. Spectator is asked to pick up another . . he places it on top side of the paddle (over one of the white spots already there). He removes his finger and he finds that he has changed the white spot to black! You turn the paddle over and there is a black spot on the other side, too! More fun of this kind happens with the other “invisible black spots” until all the spots previously shown white, change in turn to black!!

The nonsense with the “invisible spots” coupled with the magical changes that take place . . make for excellent entertainment. Finally, you tip all the black spots on the paddle back into the “invisible box” . . the paddle having all white spots again! The Invisible spots in the “invisible box” finally disappear completely . . leaving the box” perfectly empty! The paddle is put back into its bag . . the bag is put into its box, which is finally put into your pocket and JU JU STICK is ready for the next performance ! !

The paddle is expertly made (the mechanics will delight YOU . . it’s so ingenious). Complete with cloth bag and box . . and detailed instructions plus all the funny “bits of business” to make the “invisible” stuff a real howl. We do not supply the “invisible spots or bag” . . they can be picked up anywhere! Don’t Miss this . . it’s great Close-up Entertainment.

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