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A Feeling of Paddles by Francois Danis

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Effect: Six years ago, I proposed to the community of both magicians and collectors, two different sets of paddles. One was themed on the ancient world and its mysteries, the other one was about the imperial China and its legends. I always had a passion for paddles tricks. These little objects can be varied in infinity of ways, and have the advantage to hold in a jacket pocket to follow us everywhere we go. The innocent aspect of paddles, make them a very powerful magic weapon, which always let our audience stunned and amazed by their magic.

That is why, I would like to introduce you a new series of paddles effects themed on dots and colors. This series is declined in two different manners. Each effect can be bought alone ; you can so acquire: “Colored cocktail”,”The jumping dot”, “Disturbing colors”. Each paddle comes in a velvet pouch with detail instructions.

You can also acquire “The Complete Set”: The three effects are gathered in a beautiful divided case. This case is made in boxwood and the inside of every compartment is covered with velvet to bring the best protection to your paddles. This case holds in a jacket pocket: It sizes 128 mm long by 95 mm wide and 21 mm in thickness. It has received a natural oil finished. All the props are handcrafted and hand-decorated.

A scarce and gorgeous magic apparatus that brings the magic by itself ! For the collector and the working performer !

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Approx. Price: $225.00 (2014) ***

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