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Enchanted Snapper by Trickery

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The classic Snapper trick invented by G.W. Hunter c. 1910.

Effect: The second piece in the Enchanted Wonders Series. Remember the classic Snapper Trick? We always loved it! We decided to produce the Enchanted Snapper. We commissioned J & L Wright, whose masterful old-world craftsmanship puts just the right touch on many of our collectible pieces. The Snapper is done in Walnut wood and brass. Each piece is hand turned and hand rubbed to an oil finish. They are available in three different styles:

  • Ribbed,
  • Classic
  • and Roped.

It’s simple and will drive them mad! A tube with a rubber band through one end is shown. A brass rod with a hook on the end is also shown. The performer demonstrates that by putting the rod in the tube, you can engage the rubber band as it snaps back into the tube. The performer can repeat this action as often as he desires. When given to the spectator, they are never able to duplicate your feat. When I brought this in, I showed it to my wife. She’s pretty familiar with most magic effects and it’s very difficult to fool her. If I had a picture of the frustrated expression on her face when she tried and failed this simple and amusing effect, I would post it right beside the item picture!

The quality is there along with all the fun you will have performing this classic in magic.

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Approx. Price: $36.00 (2004) ***

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1 review for Enchanted Snapper by Trickery

  1. A.J. Polizzi

    A Great Collectible

    I know that the Snapper is a very old effect, and many consider it to be part of "the slum magic" category…but I must say that it is still an incredibly baffling effect to the non-initiated. I have fond memories of the first Snapper I purchased at a Carnival as a child (yes, many, many years ago)…I fooled more people with that little item than I could ever remember.

    All of which brings me to the Enchanted Snapper…it is extremely well made…a collector’s piece for the nostalgia in all of us. I have this on my magic shelf to remind me of all the great moments I had as a child with the Snapper. I even bring it out now and again to mess with the minds of people who ask what that little item is on my shelf.

    If you are looking for a collectible that carries the nostalgia of the past, I highly recommend the Enchanted Snapper.

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