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Collector’s Edition Dice Box (Problema Dice) by Definitive Magic

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I have read many times that Problema (often referred to as Problema Dice) was created by a German inventor, but after spending a few hours tracking down the name I could not find any more details until I consulted German Historian and Author Georg Walter. Georg was rapidly able to track down fuller details with the help of Gorm Sautter who took over the business from Max Haug.  As always I am grateful for Georg’s help with the tricky questions.

Problema was invented by the prolific German inventive genius Herbert Martin Paufler c. 1957. He licensed the effect to German magic dealer and shop owner Max Haug who created and distributed the effect world-wide. Haug would create two runs a year and at last count over 2200 units were sold. Of course that does not account for the probably 1000’s of knock-offs that have been created and sold over the years. The official versions of the effect (from Haug) started to arrive in the UK and USA c. 1970 and unauthorized copies and “improvements” began shortly after. Prolific author, inventor consultant, and historian Max Maven actually claimed to invent the effect in Genii 73 No. 1 (January 2010, pg. 20) c. 1967.  I don’t think Mr. Maven was necessarily claiming he was the originator of Problema, just that he had created a trick using the same method earlier. Regardless, Herbert Martin Paufler would have still been about ten years earlier and young Max would have been about seven years old at the time. And even for Max Maven that is pretty young :-).  Problema is a beautiful, elegant and clever idea and the type of idea that Herbert Martin Paufler excels at.

Made from Walnut and hand rubbed to an oil finish, you will enjoy this attractive and practical collectible.

Effect: Show six dice in a small box just like the picture illustrates. The dice are in numerical order; 1, 2, 3, etc. The lid of the box is then closed. A 7th die is given to the spectator to roll. Say it lands on six. When the lid is removed all the dice have changed to six!

Included are seven ungaffed dice, one loaded die, one dice shell and of course the handsome Walnut box with lid.

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Approx. Price: $75.00 (2015) ***

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