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Penny Pour by Definitive Magic

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Designed by J&L Wright. Routined by Howard Baltus, Bob Solari & Richard Robinson and now manufactured by Magic Wagon.

Effect: Show your hands empty as you reach for an odd-looking magic wand. Explain, “It’s not your ordinary magic wand, but one that creates something more than mystery; it creates money!” Show the wand on both sides and give it a quick shake in the air. Magically, a penny appears on the wand. Remove the penny and put in your pocket. Another quick shake and another penny appears! A third, fourth and fifth penny appear in the same manner!

Now, show the wand all around and squeeze the area which produced all the pennies. From the wand pours a shower of 25 pennies! Give the wand to a spectator and ask her to tap your hand with the wand. Upon doing so, a jumbo penny materializes and falls to the table! What a finish!!

Made from hand-rubbed Teak hardwoods with brass fittings. Truly collector’s quality!

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Approx. Price: $49.95 (2003) ***

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1 review for Penny Pour by Definitive Magic

  1. Andy Martin

    What a Wonderful Paddle and Routine!

    So I saw this new paddle on allmagic.com pioneer, Richard Robinson, is great fun and very magical.

    It will take some practice to make this appear smooth and effective, but it does come with everything you need to perform, and with the solid routining from those Bad Boys in New Jersey, you’ll be on your way to performing this sooner than you think.

    I am really looking forward to seeing the other new items that these guys come up with, now that they have finally found a craftsman who can do justice to their ideas. Go Howie & Bob!

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