Die, Frame, and Cord Penetration by Mel Babcock

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Effect: A small frame on a stand is shown, along with a wooden die. The die is placed in the frame. A cord is passed through a small hole on one side of the frame, through a matching hole through the center of the die, and out another hole on the opposite side of the frame. Thus, the die is effectively locked in place within the frame. This arrangement is shown on all sides and then set on the table. The ends of the cord are placed in front of a spectator and he is asked to place a finger on the ends. The magician covers the frame and die with a handkerchief, then reaches under the handkerchief with both hands. Within a few seconds, he removes the handkerchief, and the die is seen to be resting on the table in front of the empty frame, free of the cord, while the cord remains threaded through the frame. All may be examined.

The pedestal for this effect is now hand-turned on a lathe, making for a more pleasing appearance.

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