Slow Motion Block Penetration by Mel Babcock

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Effect: A square tube is shown to be empty and a 4-inch block is shown to be solid. The block is pushed through the tube. Next, two metal blades are placed through the center of the tube. One is from front to back and the other from side to side. The block is now dropped down into the tube and onto the blades. The tube has two large holes in front. One is just above the blades and the other is just below. The block can be seen resting on the blades through the upper hole. Now you reach in with your finger and push the block right down through the blades. This can be done slowly and you may stop half way. The block can be seen partially above the blades and partially below. When the block is pushed on through, it will drop out the bottom of the tube. You can now tip the tube toward the audience so they see the blades still in place in the center. These are removed and they see an empty tube.

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