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Dice Matrix by Daniel Cros, Nahuel Olivera

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This appears to be Jack Avis’s Poker Pot c. 1967 under a different name. Although based on what Daniel Cros himself says I’m not sure this is anything to do with Daniel Cros …

This is my own handling of POKER POT; originally invented by Jack Avis and introduced to the public by Ken Brooke. This effect is referred to all over the internet as Dice Matrix, often with the name Daniel Cros attached to the description. None of the YouTube videos with this description are actually being performed by me, and magic dealer sites advertising “Daniel Cros – Dice Matrix” remain a mystery, as this trick was not invented by me, nor have I ever published it for sale.

AS A POINT OF INTEREST….This version of Poker Pot, like the Jack Avis/Ken Brooke original, allows the the empty dice box to be examined by the spectator. Subsequent versions currently posted online as Dice Matrix eliminate this key aspect of the trick.

Effect: The performer is on the table four dice, and a small box. The magician places a die on each end of the table, and only one puts the dice in the box, that’s where top two with their hands (and with a magic) dice together!. Repeat this action until you get to have three dice together and the last one is inside the small box covers it with his hands, and when they are lifted, the four dice are all together!, Revealing empty handed at the end.

Comes complete with 4 normal dice, gimmick and instruction sheet.

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