Deluxe Odd Ball Plus by Chuck Leach

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Effect: You have purchased a quality version of the classic, beginning magic trick, Odd Ball. This version is made of solid walnut with felt interior and brass hinges and clasp. It is an attractive magical prop that you can be proud to own and use. We offer the standard Odd Ball effect, and the “Plus” effect: “HOUDINI BALL” which is a strong and magical variation of the standard effect.

STANDARD EFFECT: Two cords are threaded through the ball. The ball is placed in the box with two cord ends protruding from each side of the box. The cords are tied around the box. On the magician’s command the cords visibly (or under cover of a silk), penetrate through the ball and the box, leaving the cords in the magician’s hands and the ball in the box.

PLUS EFFECT: “THE HOUDINI BALL” This is a strong effect that is easy to do! The ball and box are inspected by a spectator, then the ball is openly placec in the box. The lid is closed and the cords are tied around the box – the hands are always shown to be empty. The spectator holds the four ends of the cords, “suspending” the box above the table. The magician cups his hands around the box for a second, then opens them, revealing the wooden ball in his hands. Again, the box, ball and cords are inspected, as all are ungimmicked. (As an alternate finish, you can gently squeeze the base of the box and the ball will drop to the table, or simply produce the ball from some other place.)

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