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Poker Pot by Louis Gaynor, Jack Avis

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Jack Avis originally created Poker Pot c. 1967. Louis Gaynor has recreated Jack’s idea and produced this wonderful version.

Effect: Jack Avis took two classical principles and by blending them together has produced a clean cut magical effect for performing what is known as “CHINK-A-CHINK.” The box removes the need for shells or “extra units” of the items employed thus, the weakness of having to obtain and later ditch them is entirely eliminated. Roy Johnson has added additional material to the original. Once the basic principle is understood, Roy’s working can be quickly understood! And there is even more additional thoughts and routines provided by the late great Ken Brooke.

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1 review for Poker Pot by Louis Gaynor, Jack Avis

  1. Andy Martin

    I missed this item when I first received it and finally had time to take some new photos and read the instructions properly. What a great idea this is! Watch the video and see Daniel Cros perform some amazing miracles, not one shell is involved, and nothing is added or taken away – everything you see is in plain sight. I really would like to spend time to get to do justice to this routine because it seems very doable even for a nervous fumbler like myself!

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