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Copper, Silver, Brass Transposition by Johnson Products

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Effect: A definite break through in psychological subtleties. This takes the basic transposition effect, one step further. A Half Dollar, 20 Centavo, and Chinese Coin are shown. The Half is placed in one hand and instantly it changes places with the Mexican and Chinese coins held in the other hand. The effect is immediately repeated.

The change is extra startling due to the fact that the three coins are so completely different in appearance. The subtlety we mentioned is the fact that the Chinese Coin has a hole through it. If anyone suspects that the “coins somehow fit together” this feature completely wipes out their theory. This is a trick that can really build you a reputation as an outstanding coin worker.

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Approx. Price: $65.00 (2004) ***

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1 review for Copper, Silver, Brass Transposition by Johnson Products

  1. Andy Martin

    Great Quality, Easy and Convincing Routine

    This is probably one of the best of the standard gimmicked coin sets and a nice quality set it is too. Instant reset and you are left clean at the end.

    Not a lot more to say, except that you will use this set of coins, unlike all those others you have lining your draws!

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