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Two Copper One Silver by Jamie Schoolcraft

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Effect: Very similar to the classic coin effect Copper, Silver, Brass Transposition but with two copper coins and one silver. This version is sometimes preferred because it is simpler to follow, than three different coins. Others see it as a weaker effect because there is no hole in one of the coins as in the standard effect. You decide which you prefer.

One of the higher end versions of this popular effect from Jamie Schoolcraft. This particular version uses the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, the Mexican 20 Centavo, and the English Penny. For details of a routine click here.

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Approx. Price: $275.00 (2010) ***

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1 review for Two Copper One Silver by Jamie Schoolcraft

  1. Andy Martin

    Poor Photos, Beautiful Coins

    I’ve always been a Johnson Boy when it comes to coins – and before Johnson an Eddie Gibson Boy – and never saw the need to purchase more expensive ones. However, when you do purchase coins from Todd Lassen or Jamie Schoolcraft you do notice the difference. Is it worth the extra cash? Well that depends on how much you perform the effects – for most of us hobbyists probably not, but if you do treat yourself you will love playing with the coins.

    The two sets of coins I’ve purchased made by Schoolcraft are not as high end as the the Todd Lassen ones that George Guerra has kindly added to my site, but they are still a marked improvement on the Johnson ones.

    I’ve been a big fan of Copper, Silver, Brass Transposition but go back and forth whether the Two Copper one Silver is better as it is easier to follow. Anyway, this is a beautiful set and now I have two higher end sets of coins I can choose which routine suits my mood the best.

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