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Oriental Blocks by Alan Warner

(c. 1972) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This effect originally called Bloxo, was invented by John Rice and sold by Harry Stanley c. 1950.  Eddy Taytelbaum created an exquisite version which many of the modern day versions emulate because they use a rod instead of a ribbon to secure the blocks.

This was my third Alan Warner piece and really what began my love affair with beautiful and clever magic props.

Effect: A miniature pagoda-style cabinet of first-class design and finish, as are all our props, and six coloured blocks are shown. TWO BLOCKS ARE FREELY SELECTED, then all six are returned to the cabinet and secured by a metal spike which is thrust through the cabinet and the centre of the blocks.

With the cabinet left resting on the table, a spectator is invited to hold each end of the spike: he then lifts the cabinet clear of the table, the cabinet AUTOMATICALLY REVOLVES ON THE SPIKE, the door open and THE TWO SELECTED BLOCKS flip out across the table leaving the remaining four blocks still securely imprisoned in the cabinet by the metal spike.


  • The cabinet (3 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ x 2″) is finished in yellow and red lacquers with a black trim.
  • A nicely designed and decorated prop which will create IMMEDIATE SPECTATOR INTEREST.

The apparatus comes complete with The Alan Warner Routine.

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Approx. Price: $25.00 (1980) ***

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1 review for Oriental Blocks by Alan Warner

  1. George Guerra

    Gorgeous little pagoda

    I received this piece for my Warner collecition today and it has to be the cutest little version of this effect, ever. I had never considered this trick in the past. Even nicely handcrafted versions like Milson-Worth could not persuade me, but Alan’s tiny rendition is irresistable. It is very tiny at 3 1/2 inches, but that’s Warner mini-magic for you and, again, it’s just adorable. The idea of the chinese pagoda is brilliant and beautifully rendered with bright colors. I have eight painted pieces from Alan and this one is my current favorite. Granted that his current teak mini-magic is amazing, these early painted items from Alan are still a sight to behold. Unfortunately, these are no longer made by Alan and acquiring these early pieces are a true challenge.

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