Coin Collection by Doug Bennett

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Effect: Doug is fast becoming one of magic’s most talented close-up innovators. When you begin performing with his new COIN COLLECTION, you’ll understand why. This unique effect is exciting by itself, or as the perfect lead-in to Matrix!

For security reasons, you’ve had your coin collection photographed and printed onto poker-size cards which you carry with you in a handy plastic wallet. After showing a number of ‘coins’ pick out the four half dollar cards, show both sides of each and then table them in a row. “These are my favorite coins and frankly, photos just won’t do them justice.” One by one turn each card over to reveal a REAL HALF DOLLAR! A baffling, easily-performed, NO-SLEIGHT production!

Gather up the cards and arrange the four coins into a square, covering each half with a face-down card. Once again, turn the cards over one at a time to reveal that three of the cards are now completely blank, all four coins having assembled onto the fourth card! From here you can move right into your favorite Matrix routine. COIN COLLECTION is easy to learn and perform.

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