Buttons Up by Wolfgang Wollet

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Effect: Show a plate made of solid black plexiglas. The plate measures 3″ x 7.” Three RED buttons are sewn onto the plate. The buttons are 1-1/2″ in diameter. Show both sides of the plate. The spectators can see the strings going right through the plate, firmly attaching the buttons. Hand the plate to a spectator, who holds it face down between his hands. Reach in your pocket and bring out a YELLOW button. Place the button on your outstretched hand. With your other hand, make a pass over the YELLOW button. Instantly, it changes to RED!

Ask the spectator to turn the plate over. The button in the middle has changed to YELLOW!! Everything can now be examined!! The buttons are still solidly sewn to the plate. A great pocket trick; perfect for kids shows; great for walk-around. The reset takes one second! Entirely mechanical; a snap to perform.

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