Bunko Blocks by Loyd’s

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Effect: Loyd’s Classic and clever effect, routined and presented with special patter, involving 5 cases of “opium” and 2 guys. These blocks change places, move from place to place – never where you think they are. No shells, no extra blocks, no exchange of blocks! no sleight of hand – all blocks are shown from all sides!

(Notice: This is the based on the original patter  with a few edits to make it  more suitable today.)

Effect: These 7 blocks that you see represents an episode, parts of which are so incredulous and mysterious that some will doubt it. The F.B.I. had discovered a shipment of opium from overseas on a San Francisco wharf, represented by these red blocks. They had watched this shipment for days from a nearby building in hopes of implicating the party or parties involved. There were two shady guys under suspicion represented by these two plain yellow blocks.

After several days of observation, these two guys were seen to enter two warehouses in the rear, (represented by these two pieces of cardboard). There was nothing particularly suspicious about this, except that they were the two guys under suspicion.

Several days later these two guys were seen to divide up and move the opium from the wharf to the two warehouses. Immediately the investigator went to call headquarters regarding this. However, the two guys must have become suspicious for when the Chief Investigator arrived at the scene the opium had been placed back on the wharf. The theory of the one Inspector was that they had emptied the cases and placed the empty cases back. While they were discussing this possibility, the two guys were seen to again divide and carry the cases into the warehouses.

The Inspectors immediately went to the first warehouse and surrounded it, while one went inside and came out with the suspected guy. After further investigation of this warehouse the other guy was brought out, but there was no opium. Going to the second warehouse they found the opium but NO guy, so all they could do was to confiscate it, which they could have done at anytime, but they could not make an arrest.

(Notice – the bamboo boxes were added and did not come with the original effect.)

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