Beads of Prussia by Fedko Magic Company

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This effect dates back to 1827. After being unseen for some decades The Great Carmo reintroduced it in the UK c. 1932 and it is still often referred to as the Carmo Beads in the UK.  The rights to Carmo’s was purchased by Davenports from The Great Carmo c. 1938 and they marketed it at The Great Carmo Bead Mystery.  This did not stop U.F. Grant releasing it as The Arabian Bead Mystery c. 1939 and it became a pet effect of Jay Marshall. John Fedko re-titled it as The Beads of Prussia and that is the current term in the USA. 

Effect: Thirteen large wooden beads, brightly colored, are placed singly into a clear, rigid plastic cylinder. Quick as a wink, all of the beads are thrust into the air and magically become linked to form a dazzling necklace. This is a stage effect which also can be performed close-up and surrounded. Perform it as part of your silent act with music or for children’s shows. Patter is included. Since the gimmick was very expensive, only a limited number were manufactured.

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