The Magic of John Fedko by Nick Merlo

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Details: The Magic of John Fedko is a hardbound book, 8 1/2 by 11 inches, professionally typeset, containing 219 illustrations and photos by Ed Mishell, Mickey O’Malley, Bob Gregg, Ray Bertrand, Ann Short and Irving Desfor. This comprehensive book on magic contains many original routines not previously shown to anyone except select students in the Fedko School of Magic. Some of the effects described would cost over $200.00, collectively, if ordered from the Fedko Magic Company. The book covers Close-up Magic, Parlor Magic, Stage Magic, Sleights and Magic Apparatus Construction. There are 10 Chapters and a total of 311 pages.

Included with the multitude of close-up and stage routines are the exact routines used by John Fedko in his performances at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

“The effects described in The Magic of John Fedko are well above the average. Every routine is entertaining, mystifying and audience tested. I highly recommend The Magic of John Fedko. It is a book you will treasure.”-GERALD KOSKY

“John Fedko is well known and respected within the magic community as a performer, lecturer, author, dealer and teacher of magic. The offerings in this book comprise some of John’s finest magic.”-NICK MERLO

“Great routines from one of Magic’s most productive minds.”-DICK GUSTAFSON

Contents (updated from book ToC, Feb 2018): 

5 Introduction
7 Foreward

15 Part 1 – Close-up Magic

15 Chapter 1 Cards Standard Deck
15 Impromptu Speller
25 The Lazy Magician
29 Poker Player’s Nightmare
35 Tri-Betcha
41 Twisting the Buckle

45 Chapter 2 Cards – Special Deck
45 Elevator Aces
53 Let’s Play Poker
61 Ultimate Aces
71 Ultra Spell

79 Chapter 3 Packet Tricks
79 Exchango
83 Mind Blank
89 Simplex Wild Cards
95 Spot Assembly

103 Chapter 4 Coins
103 Copper – Silver -Brass
113 Ultra Coins Thru the Table

123 Chapter 5 Variety
123 ABC Cups
127 Cone, Coins and Cube – C3
131 Tri-Pentro

141 7 Part II – Parlor and Stage

141 Chapter 6 Rope Magic
141 Cut and Restored Rope
149 Merlin’s Triple Triumph
159 Rope Acto
163 Ultra Color Knots

169 Chapter 7 Mentalism
169 Fedko Mental Card Act
177 Mental Numbers
181 Telepathy Plus
185 Tri-Force

191 Chapter 8 Potpourri
191 Beads of Prussia
195 China Lingo
201 EggsActo
205 Hanko
211 Linko
221 Multiplying Balls
231 Multiplying Bottles
239 Perambulating Bottles
245 Ultra Ten-Card Transposition

255 Part III – Tools of the Trade

255 Chapter 9 Sleights
255 The Buckle
257 Fedko’s Finesse
263 Flip-Flop Control
267 The Hamman Count
269 Hindu Knots
273 The Hindu Shuffle
275 Mississippi Shuffle and Cut

281 Chapter 10 Props
281 Beads of Prussia
287 Card Castle
295 Card Silk Production
297 Ribbon Color Change
299 Simplex Rigid Rope
301 Thick Cards
303 Ultra Color Knots
305 Utility Change Bag

309 About the Author

  • Publisher: Fedko Magic Company
  • Pages: 311
  • Location: Santa Ana, CA, USA
  • Edited by: Nick Merlo
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1983
  • Binding: hardbound

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