Magic Treasures by John Fedko

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Details: This is a wonderful book filled with a variety of original ideas and routines of John’s. You get a total of fifty-four magic effects using: Coins, Cards, Silks, Sponge Balls, Rope, Wallets, Beads, Card Boxes, Flashlights, Chains, Envelopes, Matchboxes, Wands, Bills, Wooden Blocks, Spot Cards, Chop Cups, Cups and Balls and much more.

Included are effects for parlor, stage and close-up. There is truly something for everyone in this book that contains eight chapters. There are one hundred fifty-two professional illustrations by Tony Dunn. The magic in this book ranges from self–working to advanced skill levels. All the magic in this book is very sensible. John has tested every effect on audiences many times in his career.

Contents (from book Toc):

1 Photo (William H. Mcllhany)
3 Dedication
5 Acknowledgments
7 Introduction (Aldo Colombini)
9 Foreword

19 One: Magic Treasures For Parlor Or Stage
19 Simplex Bill Transformation
21 Bill-O-Matches
25 Fedko Multipurpose Exchange Envelope
27 Rainbow Wonder Discs
30 A-B-C Blocko
32 Pom Pom Cups
34 Gotcha
36 An Invisible Egg And A Magic Bag
39 Chop Cup Fantasy
41 Wild Wild Pips
46 Dead Or Alive

51 Two: Magic Treasures With Rope/Silks/Beads
51 Fedko Rope And Knot Routine
57 Ultra Rope Penetration
58 Penetration Illusion With Sash And Beads
60 The Rope That’s Not A Rope
64 Fake Chefalo Knot
66 Chain Of No Return
70 Silks Of Tibet

75 Three: Magic Treasures With Coins
75 Fedko Hopping Half Routine
78 Ultra Penny And Dime
79 Simplex Coins Across
80 Simplex Miser’s Dream

85 Four: Magic Treasures With Mentalism
85 Ultra Book Test
87 Mental Travel
91 Tic-Tac-Toe
93 Ultra Mentalism
96 Simplex Prediction

99 Magic Treasures With Mentalism Using Playing Cards
99 Simplex Mental Card Act
102 Brainwave By The Numbers
103 Black Magic
106 Double Bang Prediction

109 Six: Magic Treasures With Cards (Packet Tricks)
109 John Fedko’S Jokers Matrix
114 Spot Card Medley
119 Five Card Mento
121 Simplex Card Vanish
122 Twist And Turn Fp)
125 Topsy-Turvy Smiling Face
127 Elusive Pimpernel
129 Topsy Turvy 6-Card Repeat
131 Six Card Repeato
133 This Way And That Way
134 Close-Up Closer
136 Ultra Poker Deal

141 Seven: Magic Treasures With Cards (Full Deck)
141 Monsieur Cassette
145 Out Of This Galaxy
147 Spelling The Aces
150 Impromptu Card Spelling
152 Invisible Deck
153 Further Than That And Further

157 Eight: Magic Treasures With Cards (Special Props)
157 Ultra Light
160 Ultra Card Box
162 Fedko Ultra Torn And Restored Card
164 Devano Rising Cards

167 The Other Side Of John Fedko

  • Publisher: Fedko Magic Company
  • Pages: 168
  • Location: Santa Ana, CA, USA
  • Edited by: Thomas Clifford
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1996
  • Binding: hardbound

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