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Checker Cabinet Mystery (Oriental Fantasy) by Arturo

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A little background about Arturo (Glenn Babbs). The Abbott Magic Co. is pleased to announce that Glenn Babbs, better known in magic as Arturo, is now associated with the firm as Superintendent of the wood and metal departments.

Glenn became interested in magic at the age of ten when he saw a performance by the late E. J. Moore. Later he toured the country with his full evening show, many of the illusions being of his own invention. Being an inventor, as well as a master craftsman, he gave up the glare of the mazda for the manufacturing of his own creations.

His first commercial release was the “Atomic Deck”. The “Milk In Light Bulb”, “Spike Thru Neck”, “Nest Of Bean Boxes”, “Checkers Thru Silk” are but a few popular effects of the over forty which he invented and marketed through U. F. Grant, whom he was associated with for several years in Columbus, Ohio.

In the near future Arturo will release a number of new tricks, illusions and manuscripts exclusively through the Abbott Company, items never before advertised. Watch for their announcements.

This item, Checker Cabinet Mystery which has become known as Oriental Fantasy, was one such exclusive new trick.

Effect: A cabinet is shown completely empty. A stack of checkers is shown-checker by checker-and stacked alternately on a base and set in the cabinet. The cabinet is closed and shown all around. A cover is shown along with a glass of rice. The checkers are taken from the cabinet, and the glass of rice is put in their place. The checkers and the base are put under the cover. Now a change is commanded, and when the cabinet is opened, the glass of rice is gone, and in its place :s the stack of checkers. When the cover is raised, the glass of rice is found where the checkers were.

Along with the instructions, you get a story about a wealthy man who had money and put it in a cabinet. A thief came and stole the money and put in its place a glass of rice, the final insult to a person who has been robbed. Of course all is made well. You receive EVERYTHING. The cabinet, the glass, the rice, checkers, and the cover. The cabinet and the cover are items of beauty. All parts are perfectly finished in gorgeous colors. 

Cabinet dimensions: 7 x 11 ½ x 14 ¾”.

Text Source: The New Tops – pg. 3, May 1962

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  1. Tim Morris

    I have owned Oriental fantasy for approximately 50 years and have used it in many shows. It is an awesome piece of apparatus, very well-thought-out and smooth to operate and absolutely baffling to the audience. I love it and so do audiences.

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