Rabbit Returns by Derek Rutt

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Effect: A new shouting routine for your children’s show. This is beautifully made in gleaming plastics of several colors and is made here in our factory in Bangkok.

A picture of a rabbit with a top hat is shown to be in a holder as the picture on the left … he is taken out of the frame and you can clearly see that the frame in now empty. He is now placed into his cage. This has two doors which you open and show that you can see right through. The rabbit is now on one side and the doors are closed

You now say that the rabbit is going to vanish and as you say this you tilt the cage to the right and open the left door to show that the rabbit has gone…….the kids will soon scream and shout that he is on the other side so you tilt the cage the other way and open the right door and of course the rabbit is not there…..the kids will now be screaming that you are cheating and the rabbit is on the other side…….you can do this many many times till the kids are at fever pitch”OOOH you want me to open both doors” which of course you do and there is no sign of the rabbit and you can see right through both sides back and front .

So you go to the frame which was empty open it and there again is the Rabbit Returned !!!!

You can make the rabbit appear and disappear as many times as you like during the above routine. Above is only one routine and many routines can be done with this versatile cage where the card rabbit can come and go at will … you will love this easy self working method!!

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