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FishBowl Mystery by Ton Onosaka

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Effect: A refreshing twist on sucker effects from Ton Onosaka. A personal favorite at Stevens Magic Emporium – “both” Ton Onosaka and his “Fishbowl Aquarium.” I love this effect because you can easily get several minutes of time from it, it’s interactive, comical and even better – a great “sucker effect.”

The performer shows a plaque with a picture of a fishbowl containing two goldfish. The fish seem to vanish when the plaque is passed behind his back. The audience is not impressed by this, but are amazed when the fish have vanished from both sides of the plaque and a smiling, well-fed cat appears in their place. Plays for all ages. Silk screened, laminated. Fast, easy magic.

If ever the definition of “packs flat – play’s big” was accurate, it would be for this effect!

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Approx. Price: $47.50 (2013) ***

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1 review for FishBowl Mystery by Ton Onosaka

  1. Andy Martin

    Another Winner from Ton

    Who else makes such colorful, high-quality, packs flat items like these? Ton Onosaka is certainly in a realm of his own with these items. This is a great little routine for kids with the usual turn it around action and a surprise ending of the big cat. Not as mysterious as his Rainbow Dice, but still a great item particularly for the children’s performer.

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