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Improved Magic Lollipops by Len Belcher, Edwin Hooper, Supreme Magic Company

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Magic Lollipops was created by Len Belcher c. 1952, and later the rights were purchased by Supreme c. 1984 and this is their improved version.

Effect: Remember LEN BELCHER’S trick of yesteryear marketed by the Unique Magic Studio? All rights were purchased by The Supreme Magic Company from Harry Stanley. When the trick was first marketed, EDWIN wrote the routine for this, and this was advertised at that time. Over the years the effect as Edwin used it has developed and changed, as extra ‘bits of business’, comedy and byplay have been added. Now what we offer is the result of REFINEMENT AND REPEATED PERFORMANCE.

Supreme “Improved Magic Lollipops” is beautifully made, a lovely frame in black, red and gold. It’s opened up to show SEVEN real-looking lollies, all along in a line, each lollipop a different color (and different delicious flavor!) But of course they are not REAL lollipops, they are MAGIC ONES, confides the magician.

With the help of a young member of the audience, the magic starts to happen. Two of the lollipops magically transpose again and again. Another lollipop sticks to the performers fingers, – try as he might he can’t get it off, and when he does tet it off it slicks to his other fingers, even on to his jacket!

Another lolly is removed and all four are placed into a freely-shown magic cloth.

Spells! – and the lollies have gone, but they HAVEN ‘ T, they have CHANGED into a giant lollipop  or other real Sweets for your young helper! The lollipops SHOULD have returned amongst the others, but help! you forgot to close the door of the frame. When you do there’s more byplay before the lollipops return, and THEN there’s one missing! There ‘s further action that gets the kids screaming their heads off before all is put in order.

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1 review for Improved Magic Lollipops by Len Belcher, Edwin Hooper, Supreme Magic Company

  1. Andy Martin

    These are beautiful, entertaining, and Magical!

    I used to have the old Harry Stanley Lollipops, and this set is so much better. More fun and more magical!

    The kids will love this baby!

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