The Giant Dwarf by Supreme Magic Company, Jack Hughes

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The Giant Dwarf was created by the legendary British Inventor, Craftsman, and Dealer: Jack Hughes based upon a Len Belcher idea with a routine by Sydney Sterk. This is Supreme Magic Company’s version.

Effect: A Dwarf is sitting on top of the Castle in which he lives, when a fierce Giant makes his appearance. Declaring that his house-hunting days are over, the Giant not only says that he intends to take possession of the Castle, but he is also going to eat the Dwarf for his dinner. Upon this, the Dwarf suddenly grows larger than the Giant and comes out to meet him causing him to tremble with fear and, dodging the Giant-Dwarf, to run into the Castle and hide. However, the magic Castle causes the Giant to shrink to a size even smaller than the Dwarf was in the first place. The Castle is shown empty before and after each transformation.

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