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Dickie The Duck by Dick Chavel

(c. 1952) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

There have been many versions of the Card Duck over the years. It was invented by Laurie Ireland and marketed by him as Otto, The Automaton Duck.

This was the first card Duck that I owned and Dickie was a featured part of my act when I was a teenager and well into my thirties, until he met with a fatal accident when he fell off the top of a storage unit 🙁 (luckily I was able to replace with an exact copy from Ron Allesi in 2001) I purchased my original Dickie from Ron MacMillan’s International Unique Magic Studio.

For years I thought Dickie was a Warren Hamilton: Jo-Anne Duck with a different name and routine, until I purchased a genuine one and could see the differences. To be honest the main significant difference was that the paint job was much better on the Hamilton version, but the actual motion and pecking action I thought was smoother with the Chavel version.

Performing Dickie for over 40 years helped me realize that it really doesn’t matter what the prop looks like as all the magic emanates from the performer. It helps if the duck can actually pick the cards smoothly on queue, but most of the other tweaks and improvements pale when compared with a solid routine and a charismatic performance. This is true for most magic effects and why the best performers have relatively few actual effects in their repertoire because the audience wants to see the person perform almost regardless of what effect they actually perform.

Effect: SHOWN AT our recent One-Day convention everybody said that this is the finest looking, most mechanically perfect Card Duck ever offered. A lovable looking chap who opens his beak and picks up FREELY selected cards in a manner which delights and amazes! No card skill is required. We have been working a duck for many many years and, during this time have collected a number of fine gags which make for really hilarious entertainment.

Excellent for Kiddies and adults alike . . . for the kiddies you can use any of the fine children’s packs sold at your local stationers . . .  They will love DICKIE. He is ready to put into your show right away . . . we guarantee that he will be the hit of your program.

Beautifully made and finished in high gloss enamel . . . it will be the pride of your show. Comes to you complete with full instructions and many gags and ideas, DICKIE was the hit of the convention . . . we sold every one that we took along . . . take our tip . . . THIS IS TOO GOOD TO MISS. 

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Approx. Price: $85.00 (2001) ***

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2 reviews for Dickie The Duck by Dick Chavel

  1. Andy Martin

    My Friend!

    I call him Dickie the Duck, and he has been with me for about 27 years. My routine is 10-15 mintues long and the audience just love it. They always ask “Where’s Dickie?”.

    This is one of those effects where it is all about the peformer. By instilling life into the duck you can create some of the finest entertainment around. Dickie will always be with me. And he always gets the right card … eventually!

  2. William

    Just Ducky!

    I do not use playing card for my duck I just got a deck of cards that have letters on it and I let the duck spell out the topic for my lesson.

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