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Card Duckling by Collectors’ Workshop

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There have been many versions of the Card Duck over the years. It was invented by Laurie Ireland c. 1932 and marketed by him as Otto, The Automaton Duck.

These individual hand-crafted masterpieces are also the closeup workers’ dream. A hidden brass lever controls the head and jaws in the standard fashion. Miniature blindfold, carrying case, instructions and routine included.

As much as I like this little guy the best close-up duck is Jimmy Hearsum’s Mini-Duck. But in 2019 George Robinson will be introducing a new Aluminum body version and here are the details.

Effect: To reintroduce our Card Duckling, we are offering a special price for the month of Aug. only.

This is the original Mini card Duckling as designed by Collectors’ Workshop. The mechanism is flawless. Body made of aluminum so that it will last a lifetime.

Designed to fit the inside coat pocket of most suits. Comes complete with mini deck, blind fold and protective pouch, plus detailed instructions.

Classic find a card routine where the duck picks cards out of his ‘feeding trough’. Much comedy and magic provided by this routine. The duck always finds the selected card!

Entire unit measures: 7 5/8″ x 5 1/4″ x 1 1/2″

This is a must-have for any magical entertainer. Great for close-up, table hopping and club work.

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Approx. Price: $195.00 (2002) ***

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2 reviews for Card Duckling by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. Andy Martin

    Always a winner and now close-up too!

    I’ve been using my Card Duck for almost 30 years and it has proven to be one of my most enduring and entertaining routines.

    This little guy from Collector’s Workshop is almost as easy to use, but its small for close-up performances too. Well made, good mechanism. A real hoot that ultimately depends on how much you put into the presentation.

  2. George Guerra

    Cute little guy!

    For the mini-magic collectors out there, this is a very well built version of the classic card duck effect. The mechanics work smoothly and the finish is great; paint is thick and smoothly applied for durability. The routine with the blindfold is cute. Well recommended. I bought mine over 12 years ago and the bottom has what looks like a serial number (113); I am not sure if this is still being done.

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