Any Art (Z Visual Coloring) by Zanadu, John Breeds

(c. 1979,1993) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is a version of John Breeds’ Visible Picture Painting sold by Repro Magic c. 1979.

Effect: The Z VISUAL COLORING© frame and inserts are totally awesome! Black and white drawing changes to dazzling colors and magical transformations take place as you lift the insert out of the frame. Our ‘inserts’ have a locking tab and lift out with a light touch of a fingertip! The frame, crafted from our strong, light and very colorful space age plastic measures 8×12 and the art work fills the entire frame! This is the performers dream effect. Outstanding visual magic! Packs flat! Plays big. Priced right!

INSERTS- we offer an imagination full of inserts!

    USE IT FOR: TRADE SHOWS, GOSPEL, MESSAGE SHOWS-ANTI DRUG, TRAFFIC SAFETY, LIBRARY SHOWS & SO MUCH MORE! This ‘new concept’ insert allows you to magically produce any art work. Draw a few lines on the top acetate with the special erasable marker we of course include with the insert and you are ready to show Imagine having your clients new product appear! Or the birthday child’s portrait is there in living color!
  • BIRTHDAY DAY SHOWS….A jumbo black and white birthday cake is shown then the magic takes place.There is a banner on the side of the cake to write in the birthday child’s name making the production super special and we even include the special marker.

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Approx. Price: $40.00 (2000) ***

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