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Locked Deck by Lu Brent, Gus Southall

(c. 1965,1978) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This effect was invented by Lu Brent and originally called Lox (Pallbearer’s Review: Vol 1. No. 2, page 5, 1965). It was then re-invented by Gus Southall and sold by Ken Brooke as Release Me, c. 1967. It was then re-invented and sold as Locked Deck by Mystic Hills c. 1974 and finally as Locked Deck by Zanadu c. 1978 which it seems to have stayed as ever since.

Effect: A deck is taken out of the box and is shown to have a hole in one corner. the performer explains that this is for a padlock to go through. The performer riffles the pack and the spectator shouts stop, at this point the spectator notes the card and with their chosen card clearly in the middle of the deck the whole deck is locked by a normal padlock. The spectator then holds the deck by the padlock and you make the card disappear in any way you feel. The spectator takes the still locked deck and looks through each card of the deck as slowly as they like, the card is found to have vanished from the locked deck. The card then appears in another place.

I like to use a Horwitz Wallet and show it empty and hand it to them at the beginning and they then open it at the end only to find one card with a punched hole and of course it is their chosen card.

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2 reviews for Locked Deck by Lu Brent, Gus Southall

  1. Steve Thomas

    Winner from Zanadu!

    I’ve been performing this for over 15 years…it’s one of the strongest card effects around. Everything’s examinable, it’s KILLER. I use a Himber wallet for the "extra card", and that adds to its power. Don’t overlook this because of its price or the manufacturer. I can’t emphasize enough the power of this.

  2. Andy Martin

    One of the most effective Card Tricks!

    This effect from Zanadu has been around for years but it really is wonderful. Quite simply a card is chosen, the deck is padlocked, and even in the spectators hands, with no palming or funny moves whatsoever – the card dissappears from the locked deck only to appear in a wallet or card box or anywhere you fancy.

    Very strong impact on the audience! The wallet does not come with the effect – use your own.

    No sleight of hand is required either!

    Highly Recommended!

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