William Tell Card Frame by Louis Gaynor

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A beautiful, walnut tray (built for us by our master craftsman—Louie Gaynor) to accommodate three playing cards as shown. Any three cards can be used and they are just normal cards out of any deck! The cards are placed Face Down, (these are not marked cards). The performer can leave the room or turn their back as one of the cards on the tray is picked up and looked at and returned to the tray.

IMMEDIATELY, the performer picks out the selected card! Cards may be borrowed. The effect is baffling and beyond belief. This is the prefect utility tool for giving readings. Instead of using standard playing cards – take blank faced bicycle cards and write, for example, Money, Love, Health (or whatever other three things you would like to illustrate). Now you have the beginings of psychic reading… You will absolutely marvel at the quality of this product from all aspects including the fact that each is hallmarked – “Lue.”


  • No confederates!
  • No electronics!
  • No marked cards!
  • This is a clean effect!
  • Perfect for Psychic Readings.
  • You will marvel at its secrets.

A perfect impromptu, close-up effect.

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Approx. Price: $47.50 (2016) ***

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