Sorcerer’s Stone by Viking Mfg., Phil Matlin, Lubor Fiedler

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This effect is based upon Phil Matlin’s of Canada product Silver Sanctum c. 1979. Phil gave his permission to create the Viking version with the bejeweled brass boxes and mystic routine adding greatly to the original. Silver Sanctum employs a unique method that was independently developed by Phil Matlin, but in fact it uses the exact same method created by Lubor Fiedler c. 1972 with his Time Element Cylinders, but at the time Phil Matlin was unaware of Lubor’s creation.

Effect: Two small brass boxes, each adorned with a distinct jewel are displayed and passed for examination. While your back is turned, ask a spectator to place some small object into one of the boxes, then replace the lid on the box. Before you turn around, ask him to mix the boxes. Turn back to face the audience. Without asking any questions or touching the boxes, you are able to immediately locate the hidden object!

This feat of mental power is “performed with the aid of a natural crystal which you hold above each box, interpreting the vibrations.” The effect can be repeated with another object. This time the spectator actually hides the boxes from your view ! Yet, you are able to once again divine which box holds the hidden object !!

The Sorcerer’s Stone tell all! Comes complete with two precision bejeweled brass boxes, authentic natural crystal and complete instructions. Self -contained and extremely easy to do.

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