Quintuplicate Coincidence by Scotty York

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This is one of those effects that is really very startling to watch, and yet is almost embarrassingly easy!

Effect: Here is Scotty York’s version of David Van Vranken’s version of Gemini Twins. This has all been redesigned with a gambling or casino theme. This deck of cards is made of entirely of different backs from various casinos around the world. Two prediction cards are dealt face up on the table and two spectators select cards from the balance of the face down deck. Not only do the two selections match the prediction cards, the backs are turned over and they also match. For the finale, the deck is spread and the selections and predictions are the only red cards in the entire deck. The rest of the deck is clubs and spades. All can be examined. No switches, no sleight-of-hand. A self working effect with a terrific Scotty York casino theme presentations. Complete with cards and book of instructions.

“Quintuplicate Coincidence” is Scotty’s handling and presentation of David Van Vranken’s version of “Gemini Twins,” a trick originally published in Karl Fulves’ More Self-Working Card Tricks.

The routine uses a deck consisting of cards from various casinos. The performer chooses two cards as predictions. Two spectators chose two cards in a very fair manner. The backs of the predictions and the selections match (climaxes one and two). The spectators have also managed to choose the “mates” of the two predictions (climaxes three and four). And for a final climax, the deck is spread face-up showing that the two pairs are the only red cards in deck of all Spades and Clubs. Most amazing of all (from the magician’s point of view) is that this effect is entirely self-working. Jamy Ian Swiss wrote the lucid 18-page instruction manual that contains every bit of information you’ll need to successfully perform this effect. Also included is the necessary deck of casino cards.

This is one you’ll want to add to your repertoire. I know I did.

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, September 1995)
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