“Poor Charlie” Smith by Scotty York

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“Poor Charlie” Smith is a Scotty York modification of Derek Dingle’s “Poor Charlie” card routine. Derek’s routine was developed from Bruce Cervon’s “Dirty Deal” which in turn was based on Alex Elmsley’s “Dazzle”.

Scotty’s handling and modifications appear in his “For Your Eyes Only” manuscript. Derek’s routine appears in “The Complete Works of Derek Dingle” by Richard Kaufman. Dazzle is written up in “The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley, Vol. II“, by Stepen Minch.

Effect: All the routines involved a series of back changes of a packet of cards. A single back changes and then all the backs of the packet change to match the “stranger” back. The endings of the various handlings differ from all jokers back and front to royal flushes. The means whereby all this is accomplishes differs in the handlings with different counts and techniques being used depending on whose version you use.

All the routines require a special set of cards with the different backs, etc. The cards are different for each of the routines mentioned above. 

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