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Plop Up by Rings ‘N’ Things Magic Co.

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I’ve always liked this effect designed by John Snider and released c. 1976 by the Original Rings ‘N Things. This version is better than the other similar effects such as Clarence Miller’s Non-Rising Card because it uses a 100% clear perspex houlette rather than an opaque one. It is basically the same as Merv Taylor’s Flash Houlette c. 1946 but a small plastic rod is used instead of the magician’s thumb.

Effect: A full deck of cards are placed into an attractive well made clear plastic stand-up card houlette. A clear plastic rod penetrates the houlette through holes in the center of back and front of houlette.  A freely selected card has been placed into the deck, which has been shuffled. The deck rests upon the rod. Performer removes the rod, and all the cards except the chosen one drop to the bottom of the houlette. The selected card appears protruding up above all the others.

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1 review for Plop Up by Rings ‘N’ Things Magic Co.

  1. Gary Michaels

    Not Actually an RnT Product but Nice

    This effect was actually released by John Snyder, who joined Rings ‘n Things toward the end of their reign as kings of aluminum, brass and copper products.

    It was released by RnT in their latter years (1977-80 or so — the company disbanded in ’80), under the auspices of Snyder — who eventually caused the downfall of Rings ‘n Things.

    This was the only plastic item RnT ever sold.

    A good effect using a Stripper deck.

    A card is selected, placed back in the deck, which is shuffled by the victim, and placed into a plexiglass houlette with a perspex rod running through it.

    The rod is flicked out and the deck falls the rest of the way into the houlette.

    One card remains above the deck.

    Of course it’s the chosen card.

    Nicely made and an interesting use of a Stripper deck.


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