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Passe Passe Bottles – Bubble Up by Rings ‘N’ Things Magic Co.

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The Liquor Bottles were more plentiful than the Bubble-Up (7-Up copies) but both sets are very rare, meticulously made and are minor miracles. The bottles are pure perfection. The tubes are typical Rings ‘N Things quality with no seams to be found, rolled rims and accents, Brazill’s exclusive epoxy-baked miracle finish providing protection that will out-live you, realistic labels, basically they’re perfectly made. You won’t find any passe passe bottles better than these.

Effect: This is by far the finest set of Passe-Passe Bottles that we have ever seen, and if you appreciate quality in magic, you’ll appreciate the Rings ‘N Things brand of quality. The bottle, formed of spun aluminum and beautifully anodized, is the very-latest in Passe-Passe effects. You show a glass and a – bottle, actually fill the glass with liquid from the bottle, then cover the glass and bottle with separate aluminum cylinders. When you lift the cylinders, the bottle and glass have changed places. Switch them back and forth, too. Complete with full routine.

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Approx. Price: $300.00 (2006) ***

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