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Play Time by Rodger Lovins

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Effect: The magician has two cards selected by two spectators. He tells them that a lot of people ask, “How long have you been doing magic?” He says that a picture is worth a thousand words. He takes out a photo of a small child, age 1, holding a playing card. He asks the first spectator to show their card. IT MATCHES THE CARD THE CHILD IS HOLDING IN THE PHOTO! Placing the photo onto the open outstretched hand of the 2nd spectator, he asks what card she selected. She turns her card over and reveals her selection. When the magician turns the laminated photo back over, the photo has changed and now the child star is holding the second spectator’s selection! The photo never leaves their sight! Easy to do.

What they say about Play Time:

“Thanks Rodger, Play Time is my favorite trick to carry in my pocket!” – Mac King

“Rodger Lovins has done it once again! He has created a piece of magic that is a real stunner! When Rodger sent me a copy of his new idea, I knew right away that Play Time would be another success in a long line of ideas coming from this magical genius.” – John Rogers

“It fits in my wallet and is with me at all times. I really like the way Rodger thinks! Play Time is a keeper.” – Stephen Bargatze

“I like this trick very much, as it is simple, commercial, and a fooler.” – Genii Magazine, December 2006

“I’ve become a big fan of Rodger Lovins’ thinking. His thinking is clever, his routines thoughtfully constructed, and his props great pieces of work. I said that to say this: Play Time is probably his best work to date. This is a piece I genuinely love.” – VISIONS, August 2007

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2 reviews for Play Time by Rodger Lovins

  1. Tom Craft

    Great effect! I love this one.

    This is a great effect! I carry one with me every day. It can be used for a lot of different things. Card tricks with a deck of cards. Mental effect with no cards at all. Transpositions! It just has everything. Great story line too. I give it 5 stars for sure. You will love this one, I do!

    Tom Craft
    Full time working Magician for over 20 years!

  2. Tim Sawyer

    Kills em every time!

    I use this effect every night. I table hop and Play Time is one of my best card effects. I have two cards chosen. Turn the photo over to show it matches the first selection. Then I place the photo and 2nd selected playing card into the spectators hand. The 2nd spectators card changes into the 1st card chosen and the photo changes to the 2nd selection. It kills em every time! I love this effect.
    Well made and well worth the price! Thanks!

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