The Clausen Chips by Per Clausen, Mark Leveridge

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Effect: Beautiful props – easy to do, strong magic – that is what has made THE CLAUSEN CHIPS such a great quick selling success!

The brass chips have brightly coloured inlaid centres and their weight and looks shout quality’ all the way. You receive a set of 5 of the chips, one of which is faked to enable you to create visual miracles without any sleight of hand!

Three routines are provided with the chips:

  • Firstly there’s ‘Three Colour Chip Surprise’ in which a single chip changes colour three times!
  • Then there’s ‘Flash Double Chip Change’ in which two different coloured chips instantly change to chips of two other colours.
  • Finally, ‘Confusing Chips’ uses all five chips in a routine which has a great surprise ending. And at the end of each routine, all chips can be left with the audience to examine! They hold the fake and do not know it!

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Approx. Price: $50.00 (2013) ***

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