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No Brainer Memorized Deck by Bob Solari Magic

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Effect: Performer places a blue card case in front of spectator. Performer explains that he has memorized the numerical order of every card in the deck. Performer introduces a red deck. The red deck is mixed by the spectator. Cards are spread face down across the table. Spectator pushes out any card from the spread. This card is now turned up. Immediately calls out the number 27! Spectator is instructed to remove the cards from the blue card case and to count down to the 27th card. BOTH CARDS MATCH! Immediately go into effect #2.

Effect: Blue card case is again placed in front of spectator. Performer turns his back towards spectator and gives the following instructions. Spread the red cards face up on the table and to slide their favorite card face down. Gather the rest of the spread cards into one pile and also turn face down. Performer turns to face spectator and says “wouldn’t it be amazing that your favorite card is the 16th card in the blue deck?” The spectator says “yes”! Spectator removes the cards from the blue case and counts down 16 cards. BOTH CARDS MATCH!

Points to remember:

  • Spectator freely handles both decks,
  • each deck contains 52 different cards,
  • no forces,
  • instant reset,
  • nothing to add, subtract, multiply, divide,
  • nothing to memorize.
  • Learn in 5 minutes after reading simple photo illustrated instructions.

This effect is a NO BRAINER! Complete with 2 Bicycle© deck

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1 review for No Brainer Memorized Deck by Bob Solari Magic

  1. Andy Martin

    Beautiful Bob Solari!

    My good friend Bob Solari makes a very fine hula girl, as can been seen below:

    Hula Bobby

    When he isn’t putting on the coconuts, he creates some very fine magic. Over the years I’ve bought a lot from Bobby, and most of it is clever and easy to do. The No-Brainer Memorized Deck is probably my favorite effect that I have seen from Bob so far. It is very easy to do but very effective and really makes you wonder why you would bother with any other approach. Certainly memorizing one of the many Memorized Deck systems out there is a lot more work than most of us amateurs want to put in!

    The full description can be found here.

    This really is an amazing effect and Highly Recommend from one of the great magical inventors of our time.

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