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Impossible Aces by Bob Solari Magic

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Effect: Performer removes the four aces from a face up deck. The aces are placed face up in a row. Three faces down cards are placed on each ace. Spectator selects a pile of cards. These four cards are placed inside the card case. The three face down cards are now placed face up on the aces. Spectator is asked to cut the face up deck. The three remaining piles of cards are placed face up where the spectator has cut the deck. The remainder of the deck is placed on top of the aces.

The spectator is asked to place one hand on the card case and the other hand on the face up deck. The performer makes a magical pass over the spectator’s hands. Spectator is asked to remove their hand from the deck. The deck is ribbon-spread face up. The aces have vanished! Spectator is asked to open the card case and remove the four cards. Inside the card case are the four aces!!!


  • Absolutely no sleight of hand,
  • no double face cards used,
  • quick reset.

Impossible Aces looks like real magic!

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Approx. Price: $15.00 (2001) ***

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