Locking Card Box by Milson-Worth

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This is Milson-Worth’s version of the card box and it’s a masterpiece. The cover is heavy duty, solid walnut construction with a distinctive look to it to stand out from the many popular models out there. There would be no mistaking that this is a Milson-Worth card box.

One feature that stands out is the cover can be freely handled as the “flap” is a lockable one, both before and after the transformation. Don’t recall ever seeing this added touch in the many boxes out there. The locking and release mechanism is cleverly built into the cover and entirely under your control.

As with the famous painted MW line, Lyn Johnson also demonstrates his skills with woodworking on this item and it ranks among the best I have seen. Definitely, one of my favorite MW pieces in my collection.

Effect: A small, elegant black walnut box with brass knob is displayed on your desk or coffee table. The original contents (playing cards, business cards, cigarettes, coins, paper clips, postage stamps, etc.) are removed and the empty box displayed to your audience.

Any of an endless variety of magical mir­acles can now be performed including appearances, vanishes, substitutions, predictions, spirit writing and photography, mind reading and other psychic effects, flower productions, card tricks including the popular torn and restored card, even coin tricks! 

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Approx. Price: $200.00 (2014) ***

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