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Orange Cabinet by Milson-Worth

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Effect: If you’re looking for the impact of a major illusion in a small package with a price to match – this is for you! The magician displays a small cabinet with doors front and top. The front door is opened and the brightly striped interior of the cabinet shown to be unmistakably empty. The cabinet is then piaced on a table, the top door opened and a length of heavy cord placed in the box. The ends of the cord are threaded through holes in the sides of the box and tied together in front. The cabinet may be given to a spectator to hold or left on the table in full view of the audience.

An orange is now selected from a tray of oranges, offered for examination, and then made to disappear. A ring is borrowed from a member of the audience and it, too, is made to disappear. Attention is now called to the ends of the cord which are still knotted together in front of the cabinet. The top door is opened and the orange revealed insiide the cabinet threaded on the cord. After untying the ends of the cord, the orange and cord are pulled free of the cabinet.

The orange is cut open and, in the center, knotted to the cord, is found the borrowed ring which may be removed and identified by the spectator. Everything is supplied except the orange and borrowed ring. Imagine – all this in traditional Milson-Worth style with full, illustrated instructions for only $99.50, including postage and insurance.

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Approx. Price: $350.00 (2008) ***

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1 review for Orange Cabinet by Milson-Worth

  1. Andy Martin

    Beautiful as only Milson-Worth can make!

    I’ve always had a soft spot for this item from Milson-Worth, but never managed to pick one up. I recently found one on Ron Allesi’s site and was very quick to snap it up.

    Although, this is a perfect mirror box – very deceptive indeed, even close up – it is also a great routine. You show the empty box. Then you thread a cord through the box and introduce an orange into the mix. You also borrow a ring. After some magical incantations the orange and ring disappear in a hanky and appear inside the box, threaded on the cord that has been in full view all along.

    A great magical classic and built only the way that Milson-Worth know how!

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