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Astro-Ball Cabinet by Milson-Worth

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When Jim Simon of Worth Magic (before Milson-Worth) created the Astro-Ball Cabinet c. 1965 it caused quite a stir because Jim basically took Phase 1 of Stewart James’ Sefalaljia which was a ground breaking five phase routine when it appeared in issue 69 of The Jinx December 2, 1939. As Stewart James himself said in an interview with Jeff Busby in 1987: “I expect the originality in that version was the use of a cocktail glass.” Ouch!

Even so, the Astro-Ball Cabinet became one of Worth’s and later (this one) Milson-Worth’s most iconic and successful effects. The cabinet looked stunning and the effect was amazing with little effort on the part of the magician.

Effect: A beautifully ornamented cabinet 9″ wide by 7″ high is shown to be empty by opening both back and front doors. A solid red ball, 2 inches in diameter is placed on one side of the cabinet’s floor. An empty cocktail glass, on the other side. Doors are closed and upon reopening the ball has mysteriously arrived in the glass. No false doors, sleights, or cover. In fact all can be examined.

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1 review for Astro-Ball Cabinet by Milson-Worth

  1. Bob Meigs

    A Classic that Still Plays Big

    This is a very versatile effect that plays well in any venue – from living rooms to stage, and from kids’ shows to bizarre magic.

    Astro Ball dates at least to Milson-Worth, which made a version much like the picture, above. Inside the cabinet are a ball and a glass, both sitting on the floor of the cabinet. The cabinet is closed, and when it is opened again, the ball is in the glass. After performing, the cabinet, ball, and glass all may be inspected – your audience will not figure it out.

    Astro Ball cabinets are available from a variety of makers, at a wide range of prices. The method generally is the same, with the price reflecting the quality of the cabinetry.

    The ball-into-glass is one of the 5 effects included in Stewart James’ famous 1939 Sefalaljia routine. If you want to expand upon the Astro Ball routine, a Sefalaljia cabinet is more expensive, but allows you to add additional effects.

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