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Tom Thumb Sword Box by Zanadu

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The Tom Thumb Sword Box was created by Alan Alan c. 1959. This is a copy created by Zanadu though I am unsure if it is authorized or not.

Effect: The Tom Thumb Sword Box is a miniature version of the famous Sword Cabinet. In place of a girl assistant, the victim is your thumb or finger, through which you push Fifteen Sharp Swords!

The action takes place inside a black perspex sword box (size approx. 2 ins. square), made to fit on the thumb. When the thumb has been penetrated from all directions the cabinet is turned showing the audience the inside, and to their amazement they see a, mass of swords. But the thumb has disappeared!

(Notice: The video is of the Alan Alan version, but it is the same method.)

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Approx. Price: $165.00 (2008) ***

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