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Horwitz Wallet by Martin Breese

Another great wallet item from Martin Breese.

Approx. Price: $90.00 (10/2005) ***

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1 review for Horwitz Wallet by Martin Breese

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andy Martin

    Ok, time for my New Favorite Wallet!

    Thank-you Martin Breese for giving me a reason for buying yet another wallet. Good Bloody Night this is amazing!!! I thought I had enough wallets, but this one really is my favorite now. Honest!

    The well written and well produced instruction booklet details 5 routines and I didn’t get past the first one before I just had to photograph and get this review up. You know that feeling when you buy an effect and just love everything about it: the price, the quality, the simplicity, the cunning, the versatility, and the totally mind blowing reaction that is surely going to happen whenever you perform it? This has all of this and more. The wallet is even a great size, instead of those huge wallets you sometimes see.

    Yes you can still keep all of your other wallets, but you will use this one the most. I can’t wait to read the other routines.

    The World’s Most Fantastic Card-in-Wallet is the first effect, and it truly is. It is a clean no palming version, where the wallet is clearly shown empty when you give it to the spectator and yet the freely chosen and signed card still appears slap bang in the wallet when they open it!

    When you practice it you keep pinching yourself because it is so wonderful. Just beautiful.

    I could not recommend this effect more.

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