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Impress = X by Johnson Products

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Effect: From the inventive mind of Alan Wakeling comes this gem. Read this effect carefully. From a small black bag the magician removes two clear lucite panels that have been bolted together. Sealed between the plastic plates is a blank face card. The magician explains that this is a photographic card. The spectator selects one card from a shuffled deck and slides it under a clip on the frame. The card is positioned face-to-face with the blank face card inside the plastic. You then slide another blank face card onto the back of the selected card. After the spectator has examined the bag, you slide the whole assembly inside. Wait a couple of seconds and then remove the frame. Let the spectator turn the first blank face card face up. Watch him gasp when he discovers the back of his card is now printed there.

But what about the blank card that is sealed inside the plastic? Here’s the kicker. Remove the spectators card from under the clip and there inside the plastic frame is a duplicate 6f the spectators card. You’ve just printed the front and back of a selected card. S it back and let them examine the frame and the cards. There’s nothing to find.

You receive:

  • the clear lucite frame fitted with solid brass hardware
  • a black vinyl card case to hold the packet of blank face cards
  • a regular deck and the black cloth bag which acts as the darkroom
  • instruction sheet written by Alan Wakeling that includes all of the hints and presentation ideas which will build this routine into a real reputation maker for you.

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Approx. Price: $75.00 (2005) ***

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1 review for Impress = X by Johnson Products

  1. Andy Martin

    One of Johnson’s Best!

    So we all think of Johnson Products as being all about coins and coin gimmicks. Well this was one of their early non-coin effects, that was made equally well as any of their coin work.

    This has been long unavailable which is a shame because it really is a wonderful effect. The basic effect is as follows: You introduce a small black bag and out of the bag take a deck of cards, a small wallet and a blank card sealed between two heavy perspex plaques. The spectator chooses a card and it is placed face down in a clip on the outside of the plaques. Then you show some blue backed cards, with blank faces and take one of these and also slide it under the clip facing the red card.

    You then place it in the empty bag for a few seconds to develop and when the plaques are removed the blank card now has the red face on it and the card sealed inside the plaques has the chosn card. They are free to examine the plaques as much as they want – the card really is sealed in there.

    Very lovely props and a clean simple method that will impress you.

    Higly Recommended!

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