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Loaded Dice (Palisander – Brazilian Rosewood) by Collectors’ Workshop

(c. 1994,2002) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is a very wonderful little box that creates a miracle. I remember having great fun with Tenyo’s Flash Dice when I was a kid. This box is so much more than that. Its not only very beautifully finished, it has some very neat features that make it possible to do some things that seem impossible in a very entertaining way.

Effect: Alan Wakeling made a limited number of these in 1994 which have now become collector’s items. Through the persistency of Rich Bloch we are now able to offer this unique and exciting effect manufactured by Collectors’ Workshop.

Here are Jim Steinmeyer’s words back when he first saw this little jewel: “About a year ago, Alan Wakeling surprised me with a routine from his workshop. It was a small beautiful box which contained six dice. Amazingly, Alan had taken the old “sure-shot’ dice box principle and not only disguised it within a beautiful piece of apparatus, but surrounded it with an equally exquisite routine. I suggested he produce a small number of them for sale, as I knew that they would be highly prized by close-up magicians and collectors alike. Happily he agreed and the small run was an immediate sell-out. While the apparatus is pretty enough to place on a shelf or desk top, please don’t neglect these routines. It’s an amazing effect as you will soon see”….. Jim Steinmeyer

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Approx. Price: $149.00 (2008) ***

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