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See-Thru Guillotine (with Stand + ATA Case) by Wellington Enterprises

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From the designers and creators of illusions for some of the world’s greatest magicians, comes a new and incredible illusion based on the ever-popular head chopper effect: THE SEE-THRU GUILLOTINE.

Effect: This version of the head chopper is a real fooler. The stocks are transparent and the blade never leaves the view of the audience. This is also the only chopper, to our knowledge, that will cut vegetables above, below, and to each side of the head, while not harming the spectator’s head. The illusion can be done under all conditions, including up close and surrounded. The optional stand provides a convenient holder for the blade and has been designed to pack in the same case with the chopper. This prop has it all including built-in laughter, drama, suspense and ten minutes of solid entertainment.

This truly unique guillotine, from an original idea by Alan Wakeling, allows the audience to actually see the blade passing through the neck of the spectator. Imagine, as the laughter mounts, you thrust the blade down, visibly slicing and dicing vegetables above, below and on each side of the spectator’s head. The heavy blade dearly severs everything in its path … except your hero.

  • Built rugged of solid oak with heavy-duty blade and thick dear stocks.
  • Years of trouble-free service.
  • Packs flat in its own easy-to-carry case.
  • Perform surrounded.

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Approx. Price: $4842.00 (2010) ***

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1 review for See-Thru Guillotine (with Stand + ATA Case) by Wellington Enterprises

  1. Andy Martin

    My Favorite Perfect Illusion

    I’ve always loved Bill Schmeelk’s (Wellingtion Enterprises) close-up items – the Mini-Magic Switchboard, Guardian of the Grave, and more recently the Mystery of the Pyramids Outdone. They are beautifully made, work perfectly, and are all clever in their method. But I’ve fancied for some time his amazing See-Thru Guillotine. Sadly it was well out of my price range.

    However, recently I sold a bunch of magic and decided that it was time to really see how good this item was. I must say this was probably one of the most nervous purchases I have ever contemplated. I’ve never spent so many $1000’s on one item before, and really don’t do stage or even parlor shows much these days. But I went ahead anyway. When it arrived I opened it with some real trepidation – could this be my most expensive magic mistake (I’ve been disappointed 100’s of times in the past)?

    As I opened the custom ATA case I began to beam. Even the case was perfect! As I assembled the illusion I marveled at how well constructed everything was – this should have not been a surprise based on the smaller items I have of Bill’s. Eventually I had it all unpacked and set-up, but still couldn’t fully understand how it worked, so I finally sat down and studied the instructions.

    This truly is the perfect illusion. I love it and think it is worth every single penny. I may not perform it much, but when I do I know it will amaze and amuse my audiences. I’ve had about seven different choppers over the years, but this one is easily the most beautiful and most convincing. Without a doubt this is my favorite illusion now, and in fact probably my favorite item I have ever owned – and I’ve purchased thousands over the years.

    I love it, love it, love it! I was starting to get a bit jaded with magic over the last couple of years, but this beautiful creation has 100% got me back. I already have two stage shows lined up for the holidays and maybe more. Thank-you Bill for producing such an amazing item – it truly is breathtaking.

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