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Dragon Card Box by Fantasma

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Effect: This beautiful wooden Card Box uses a non-locking flap system and has a wonderful finish and look as well as having a unique lining. With this utility box you can make your business card appear, disappear, change into another card and even restore a torn card.

It is part of the Fantasma Asian Line which includes some fabulous items.

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Approx. Price: $50.00 (2006) ***

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1 review for Dragon Card Box by Fantasma

  1. Rasputin

    Excellent Quality

    As always, everything that Fantasma manufactures is top quality. This item is good yet not Magnetic! Apparently, Fantasma doesnt produce the magnetic card box any longer, yet this item is quite effective in the card-box routine..

    Unfortunately, Fantasma web page does not list all their products and the chinese collection of Fantasma is quite superb!!
    By Rasputin

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