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Buddha Chop Cup by Fantasma, Roger Drayer

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Effect: A wooden, ornate cup is shown to be empty and yet a ball appears from inside it. The ball is placed in your pocket a few times and it repeatedly appears back under the cup. To finish off, the ball under the cup changes to a handcrafted wooden Buddha statue!

Comes complete with

  • 2 balls,
  • wooden cup,
  • Buddha statue,
  • and instruction sheet,

all conveniently contained in a decorative carrying bag.

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Approx. Price: $59.95 (2006) ***

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3 reviews for Buddha Chop Cup by Fantasma, Roger Drayer

  1. Brett Schulman

    Fantasma Buddha Chop Cup

    This is a very welcomed addition to the crowded chop cup field. The asian theme is a nice change and the gimmick is a good strength.

    The final load of the Buddha is a great surprise and is very easy to accomplish. Overall this is a well thought out piece and part of a nice Asian line from Roger and the Fantasma team.

  2. Greg

    A Lot of Chop For the Money

    Like most magician/collectors, I own quite a few chop cups. Some are the more traditional metal or wood variety, while others are "themed" and designed to resemble dice cups, billiard pockets, trash cans, soda cans, rice bowls, cocktail shakers and the like. I held off on purchasing the Buddha Chop Cup for fear that it was yet another attempt at reintroducing this familiar effect using an unfamiliar theme. And, that is exactly what the Buddha Chop Cup is. However, It wasn’t until I finally gave in and purchased the effect that I realized how superior this chop cup is to some of the dozens of inferior models that preceeded it.

    The Buddha Chop Cup is a first-class outfit all the way. The quality of workmanship is evident the minute you see, and feel, the beautiful carrying bag. The cup itself is a hefty, easy-to-manipulate prop covered in what feels like antiqued leather. The exterior detailing of the container is distressed just enough to open the door to a wide-range of story telling regarding how and where you may have found the cup. The balls are high-quality as well, but the final Buddha statue load is what really made me smile. Without giving anything away, the Buddha statue is manufactured in a way that opens up a variety of options for customizing and producing the final load.

    If you are a collector you will be proud to add this set to your chop cup inventory. If you are a worker, you will enjoy the versatility the Buddha Chop Cup offers in both handling and performing.

  3. Rasputin

    Awesome Magic Trick

    This is one of the best tricks in the industry for close-up Magicians. The quality of this products is top of the line. You do need to learn the sequence of mis-direction and manipulation to successfully perform the trick, not as simple as the cup and ball trick. However, the effect is super impacting and your audience will be completely amazed as the trick defiances all logic and common sense! Highly recommended….
    By Rasputin

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